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Hormone Information “Certain man-made chemicals can act like hormones in the body. They pack a whollop to our endocrine system... and may disrupt or completely alter the actions of multiple body hormones.”
  — Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD
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Wall Street Journal Articles

All of the following articles are available on the on the Wall Street Journal web site.

  • Makers of Alternative Therapies Question the JAMA Conclusions
    By Peter Landers and Christopher Windham
    “It's almost as if there's a conspiracy of silence about the fact that this study doesn't apply to all products,” says Elizabeth Lee Vliet, a Tucson, Ariz., doctor and author of three books about women and hormones. She believes estrogen from mare’s urine isn't as safe as estradiol, which is identical to the estrogen most produced by the body during its reproductive years. “Are you going to put sludge in your tank, or high-octane fuel?” asks Dr. Vliet, who treats many patients successfully with estradiol-based forms.”
  • Testosterone Patch for Women Shows Promise
    By Alix M. Freedman and Sarah Ellison (May 5, 2004)
    “Elizabeth Lee Vliet, a doctor in Tucson, Ariz., and author of several books on hormones, says one advantage of P&G's patch is that unlike some more potent products on the market, it delivers bioidentical testosterone, meaning, it’s like the testosterone “that our bodies have made all our lives.” The patch also releases a small amount of testosterone at regular intervals, avoiding the spikes of testosterone injections or pills currently on the market.”
  • Special Report: Personal Health, The Case for Hormone Therapy
    By Tara Parker-Pope
    Menopause hormones have been battered by recent studies highlighting their potential dangers. Here’s why women might still want to take them.
  • New Risk in Taking Prempro: Mammograms Are Murky
    By Scott Hensley
    In yet another blow to the popular hormone-replace therapy Prempro, a new analysis of data from the Women’s Health Initiative found that even short-term use of the drug increases the risk of breast cancer and causes abnormal mammograms.
  • Sorting Through the Choices For Menopause Hormones
    By Melinda Beck March 11, 2008
    Amid all the confusion over hormone-replacement therapy for women, one key aspect is often overlooked: Not all HRT products are the same.
  • Doctors Use Estrogen to Treat Memory Loss in Older Women
    By Melinda Beck March 18, 2008
    Gayatri Devi was a neurologist and psychiatrist specializing in memory disorders when a patient's case changed her career. The 52-year Brazilian woman, once a dynamo, had become forgetful and disoriented. Dr. Devi and her colleagues diagnosed early Alzheimer's disease and prescribed a standard AD drug. As an afterthought, Dr. Devi added estrogen, having seen research suggesting it might slow the dreaded disease.