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Presented by: Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D.

Independent Physician and Patient Advocate

Author of six acclaimed Hormone Health consumer books

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Creator of The Savvy Woman’s Guide Blog Talk Radio Show

Founder, Hormone Health Strategies medical practices in Tuscon AZ
and Dallas TX

Founder of HER  Place ®
Health Enhancement Renewal for Women, Inc.
and HIS Corner at HER  Place ®

Elizabeth Lee Vliet M.D. and health professionals affiliated with HER  Place ® are available to come to your city or conference for a variety of programs. Fees will depend on type of program, length of time desired, and number of health professionals needed for the particular event. Please contact our Tucson office at 520-797-9131 if you would like to arrange a program in your area.

We offer the following:

  • Talks, Seminars, and Workshops on medical and wellness topics or on healthcare reform issues suitable for women’s groups, men’s groups, couples weekends, health fairs, political rallies, investment conferences, and similar community events.

  • Talks, Seminars and workshops for physicians and other health professionals

  • “Preserve Health and Wealth” seminars for investment conferences, financial consultants’ client programs, etc.

  • Health and Wellness Coaching sessions for groups and individuals

  • Exercise: The Best Medicine. Workshop on getting started and staying with a healthy exercise program tailored to your needs.

  • Dr. Vliet’s consumer books, available on or our store or your local bookstore

  • Self-help articles and booklets

Sample Health and Wellness Topics for Programs:

  • Healthcare “Reform” – What’s Ahead for Medical Freedom, Medical Privacy, Medical Treatment Options, and Financial Health
  • Marvelous & Maddening Hormones – Effects on Mood, Energy, Weight and Sex Drive
  • Testosterone: How to Revitalize Your Sexuality, Strength and Stamina – For Men AND Women!

  • Hormone Hysteria: Making Sense of the Headlines

  • Your Hormone Power Life Plan®: Regain Your Energy, Zest and Vitality (encompasses exercise, healthy eating, and hormone balance)

  • PMS to PMZ: Strategies to Help with Hormonal Challenges

  • Hormones and Your Heart: What Women AND Men Need to Know

  • The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Successful Weight Loss

  • Bones and Moans: Reducing Osteoporosis Risks for Women and Men

  • Your Health, Your Choices: Take Charge Now!

  • A Wholistic Approach to Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit

  • Getting Control of Diabetes

  • Coping with Chronic Pain

  • Misery is Optional: Eliminating Self-Defeating Behavior

  • New Directions in Health and Healing

  • The Serotonin Connection in Mood, Sex Drive and Weight Gain

  • Your Faith, Your Health – Regaining Your Spiritual and Physical Spark


  • When Hormones Go Awry
    Our marvelous ovaries and their hormones are intimately linked to ALL our body systems… every cell, tissue and organ we have! Estrogen alone is involved in over 400 functions in a woman’s body. Is it any wonder, then, that women have a whole host of problems when their ovarian hormones go awry whether following a pregnancy, tubal ligation, hysterectomy, or during the perimenopause and menopause years? Read the full article.
  • Making Sense of the Hormone Hysteria
    This article by Dr. Elizabeth Vliet explains  why some medications and hormone replacement therapies are far superior to others, and addresses some of the concerns surrounding older methods of hormone replacement therapy.
  • Gender Benders and Endocrine Disruptors around You
    Certain man-made chemicals can act like hormones in the body. They pack a whollop to our endocrine system and our bodies and may disrupt or completely alter the actions of multiple body hormones.
  • Natural Hormones vs. Synthetic Hormones
    Many women express the desire to take only natural hormones. But the words “natural” and “synthetic” can be very confusing, to patients and doctors alike.
  • What Is PCOS?
    Polycycstic ovary syndrome has begun to get attention in women’s magazines and physician’s offices. In the past, it was viewed as an “infertility problem, but PCOS is far more dangerous and potentially deadly, and it is on the increase in young women today.
  • What Is PMS?
    Current research indicates that PMS is triggered by the effects of ovarian hormones on the brain, which in turn influences multiple brain-body systems and leads to a wide variety of symptoms.
  • Women’s Health: State Rankings
    This article, first published in WebMD, shows how an American woman’s health may depend on where she lives.
  • Wall Street Journal Articles
    See where Dr. Vliet has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal in various articles relating to hormones and women’s health.

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