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  Hormone Health Strategies, P.A.
PMS/PDD "Beer Belly" Weight Gain
PCOS Loss of Muscle Strength
Perimenopause/Menopause Fatigue, Low Energy
Undue Fatigue Loss of Sex Drive
Sexual Difficulties Difficulties with Erections
Palpitations, Heart Problems Memory Loss, Decreased Focus
Anxiety, Panic Attacks Anxiety, Panic Attacks
Vulvovaginal pain Headaches
Migraines, Tension Headaches Problems Sleeping
Osteoporosis Bone Loss, Loss of Height
Memory Loss Depressed or Irritable Moods
Depression Thyroid Problems
Thyroid Problems Muscle and Joint Aches
Fibromyalgia Loss of Male Pattern Body Hair
Bladder Pain and many more ... Situational Stress and more ... could be your hormones!

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